There’s a lot of us that work remotely and live here in Fayetteville / Lincoln County. Some of us work for tech companies, like I do with my job. There’s others that have a small business that needs more than a joint office and guest room space at home. Some of us don’t even have reliable, fast Internet at home. And if you’re like me, the footsteps of your kid down the hall is great until the burst into the room running with the dogs right behind them.

We all have different reasons but there’s one thing we all need – a downtown space to get work done. That’s where FLCWorks comes in.

Right now, we’ve got a space above the community garden over on North Elk. It’s on the smaller side but it’s got all the core pieces – fast, reliable Internet, space for private meetings, a full kitchen, a downtown location, and most importantly – a spot for you to get work done.

As we grow, our plans are to grow into a bigger space downtown. To do that, we’re looking for people that need a community space like this. Folks that want to get out of the house and get some work done. Or who need a place to meet with clients. Or who needs a setup to hosts groups and classes.

Longer terms, we’re hoping that this community space helps revitalize our downtown area. The work being done already by some of us is great – new restaurants, new businesses. And I think we can do even more, starting with this coworking space.

So that’s what we’re up to with FLCWorks. It’s just starting out so if you need a space to work downtown, this is a great time to get involved.

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